We Connect Employers To Entry-Level Trade School Graduates

HTSG works with trade schools across the nation to identify upcoming and recent graduates that are seeking entry-level employment in a skilled labor field. Our website conveniently brings the candidate pool together in a centralized location for employers. Graduates are easily searchable by trade, school, and/or location.

Students that are nearing completion at vocational and skilled labor trade schools across the country can post their resume on our site.  We coordinate with students directly, or through the school’s career services department.  Employers can log on and search candidates by various data points – location, school, graduation date, and skilled trade to name a few.

HTSG is a recruiting hub for assisting employers in finding new talent in the skilled labor industries. Our staff is comprised of professionals from graduate placement offices, career development centers, staffing and recruiting backgrounds.  We understand the industry and are providing innovative methods in bridging the gap between trade schools and employers.

For students, we are a resource in assisting with landing that first job out of school and getting their career pointed in the right direction.  Schools are benefited by higher placements and use us as an added value to the services they offer.  For employers, we conveniently streamline recruiting efforts, especially for shops with multiple locations.  We also provide a forecast of future graduates that allow employers to track potential hires months in advance.


We simplify the process of recruiting recent trade school graduates for entry-level skilled labor jobs. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone. Click below to see how we can assist in bridging the gap between graduates and employers.

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We Help Bridge The Gap Between Graduates and Employers

Streamline your recruiting efforts

Put our professional experience to work for you today. Skilled workers are in high demand.  Let us streamline your company’s recruiting efforts with access to entry-level workers from across the nation.

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