Trade Schools

Trade Schools

Want to get more in-field placements, while giving your students a jump start in getting their career started? HTSG can help!

How it works

We work directly with trade schools and graduate placement departments to upload resumes and student information to our secure database that is only accessible to verified employers. Students can upload their resumes individually, or we can upload large batches by working directly with the school.  Employers are able to log on and search by school, trade, locations, and/or completion date. When a hire is made, the employer may request to have their new employee removed from our available candidate database by completing an employment verification form. When submitting resumes, students have the option to allow HTSG to pass employment information back to the school.

Get Started

We understand that is school is different and serves their students and graduates in different ways. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to determine the best plan of action for your organization. HTSG is a free service to students and trade schools.

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