Upcoming Graduates

Upcoming Graduates

Are you enrolled in a skilled labor trade school and starting to think about that first job? HTSG can assist you with making a connection with employers in your area.

How it Works

We coordinate with students directly, or through the school’s career services department.  Students can upload their resume to our database. Employers can log on and search candidates by various data points – location, school, graduation date, and skilled trade to name a few.

Many employers start tracking students in their area early into the student’s trade school training.  We have seen many students have offers contingent upon graduation. We help bridge the gap between graduates and employers!

Contact data and resumes are posted in a secure area that is accessible by employers only.

Get Started

Getting set up in our database is quick and easy. Before completing the form below, make sure your resume is updated and saved as a PDF file type.  No other formats will be accepted. Please note this service is for upcoming and recent graduates.  Resumes not from recent trade school graduates or those that completed trade school over 24 months ago will not be posted.

All fields are required. Remember, resumes can only be uploaded in PDF form.